Design and Construction of New Town Hall

DiDonato Associates provided the design of a 14,000 square foot Town Hall designed to meet all of the present and future needs for the Town of Elma.  The intent was to blend the formal and historic architecture that we all recognize in civic buildings while being sensitive to the Town of Elma’s identity and history.

The design challenges for this project included paying attention to the current needs for all Town Departments while providing for future expansion of this rapidly growing Town within the budget for this project.  The new plan also accommodated a sub-station for the Erie County Sheriff’s Department.

DiDonato also provided construction phase services and construction monitoring which involved conducting progress meetings; reviewing all product submittals and shop drawings; reviewing payment requisitions; and reviewing, verifying, and approving Change Orders.  DiDonato’s construction inspector monitored construction activities to ensure that Contract Document requirements were upheld.  Upon substantial completion of the work, the work was reviewed, and lists of incomplete or unacceptable items were compiled. These lists, known as “Punch Lists” were distributed to the Contractor for correction of any deficient items.

This very successful project accommodates the evolution of Elma while forging a new identity that evokes civic pride and personality.

Project Profile

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